Meet the VSA Board

Hello! We're your cabinet members for the 2018-2019 academic year. We're all super excited to help VSA continue to grow and create a loving community for you to be a part of. But first, let us tell you a little about ourselves and why we joined in the first place!

Nguyễn Tiên Angelica


Angelica is an MCB major entering her junior year. She enjoys eating mooncake, talking in broken Vietnamese to her friends and family (but she’s working on it!), and planning things. She loves Cal VSA’s constantly changing perspective towards bigger, more inclusive events and hopes to contribute positively to this community that has already given her so much.

Hoàng Thùy An Kathy

Finance Chair

Kathy is a second year thinking about going into Data Science or Business. Going into college, she knew she wanted to continue VSA to promote Vietnamese culture and embrace her roots, but what really solidified her decision to be more involved was the hospitable community and the beautiful friendships she made.

Đào Tuấn Khôi Alexander


Alex is a fourth year currently studying EECS. He joined VSA for its supportive community and to be more in touch with the Vietnamese culture.



Nguyễn Lê Hưng Brian

Culture Chair

Brian is a third-year Molecular and Cellular Biology major. After participating in Culture Show during freshman year, he joined VSA as a general member because he found a fun and welcoming community.

Trần Ngọc Linh-Chi

Culture Chair

Linh-Chi is a fourth year studying Economics. She joined VSA because she was looking for a sense of community and a way to grow into her culture, and after First Gen last semester, she stayed for the memes.

Nguyễn Minh Hằng

Outreach Chair

Hang is a sophomore studying Political Economy. She joined VSA because she really wanted to connect with her cultural roots since she grew up in a non-Vietnamese community.


Nguyễn Trâm Sharon

Outreach Chair

Sharon is a senior majoring in Economics. She joined VSA with hopes of strengthening her Vietnamese identity and knowledge of Vietnamese culture. Sharon found her community at Cal in VSA.

Bùi Thiên Nga B

Publicity Chair

B is a junior who is currently studying Landscape Architecture. VSA provided an engaging community for them to bring their personal insights and identities; a space where they can help create a safer, more inclusive and diverse environment.

Lương Mai Ly Isabella

Academic Chair

Isabella is a fourth year Toxicology major. In her junior year, she wanted to get out of her comfort zone and find a new social group to hangout with, and VSA became that group! She was delighted that she started making new friends at the first general meeting, and that feeling of acceptance is what kept her involved with VSA ever since.

Nguyễn Kevin


Kevin is a second year Molecular and Cell Biology major. He joined VSA because he wanted to learn more about the Vietnamese community and culture.



Tạ Công Danh Darian

Retention Chair

Darian is a second year intended Molecular and Cellular Biology major and Art Practice minor. He loves VSA because it has become a space for him to openly express himself through the familial environment that arises from our common cultural background.

Lê Thùy Krystal

Retention Chair

Krystal is a second year intended Business Administration and Data Science double major. She loves her dog Forrest, Disneyland, and Tasty Pot. VSA has helped her explore and maintain her Vietnamese American identity all while joining a community of bright, inspiring people.

Nguyễn Cindy

Intercollegiate Council

Cindy is a second year intended Economics major. Cal VSA has provided her opportunities to learn more about Vietnamese culture/heritage and meet new people.

Phạm Bảo Ni Natalie

Intercollegiate Council

Natalie is a sophomore intending to major in Public Health. She joined VSA because it is a place of personal growth for her. She found her roots in Culture Show and empowered youth through VISION.