Cal VSA presents

Culture Show


Each year since the founding of our student organization in 1979, the Vietnamese Student Association of UC Berkeley has brought together many talented individuals; we seek to showcase their potential on and off  stage through our Culture Show with singing, dancing, acting and many other forms of art.

Entirely student-run, it is not only an opportunity for students to perform in front of thousands of audience members, but also an opportunity for many others interested in theatrical production. In other words, the crew behind the stage production also gets firsthand involvement.

An Intro to Culture Show

Hello everyone,

"It has been a phenomenal experience for each of us to have been a part of previous Culture Shows, working alongside a talented, passionate, and hardworking team. This year, we are humbled and excited to return and serve as your Production Team. We hope to spread awareness and bridge the gap between American and Vietnamese Culture, to a create a safe space to learn more about our Culture, to make new friends, to become closer with old ones, and grow as people. Culture Show is our family, and we hope to welcome more passionate and talented individuals to join our ever-growing family."

- Culture Show CORE team

Culture Show 2019 Producers

LC Midrange (1 of 1)

Linh-Chi Tran

Culture Chair

Hello Everyone,

Hi! I'm an Economics major in my last year at UC Berkeley (unfortunately). I originally joined VSA because I was enticed by Culture Show--I had done technical theater in high school and was excited to find a way to mesh my passion with my culture. But I wound up staying because I found a bunch of wonderful weirdo friends who were always there for me and really opened my eyes to "the college experience." Then, last spring, I auditioned for acting for fun and somehow wound up with a main role. Then I ran as Culture Chair for fun and here I am, one of your 40th Culture Show's producers.


Brian Nguyen

Culture Chair


My name is Brian and I'm this year's VSA Culture Chair and Culture Show producer. I am a 3rd year MCB major. Some of my hobbies include playing basketball and urban dance. I decided to become the culture chair because I wanted to be an active participant in pushing out a positive message into the Vietnamese community and playing my part in spreading the Vietnamese culture.

More information about Location and Ticket Prices of this year's show is linked at the page down below


Our annual Culture Show aims to bring to attention the domestic and global issues that affect the Vietnamese community as experienced through the show’s storytelling.