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2018 | Hai Ngã Dòng Đời: Streams of Life

Encompassing a unified theme of human rights and women empowerment, Hai Ngã Dòng Đời: Streams of Life examines social justice issues interwoven in the political and social fabric of contemporary Vietnam.

The story revolves around two cousins on their journey through Vietnam as they not only immerse themselves in Vietnamese culture, but also discern the cruel reality occurring in modern-day Vietnam, such as sexism, police brutality, government conspiracy/corruption.

Thus, an important question surfaces: is there a call to action or is this walk through pain what the Vietnamese population must endure? Hai Ngã Dòng Đời: Streams of Life aimed to raise awareness and demystify the critical situation of present-day Vietnamese community - for the life and human dignity of all deserve to be recognized and protected.