...the leadership team and the central planning team of Cal VSA’s Annual Culture Show. This team consists of various positions essential to the development of the show and is typically composed of individuals who have participated in Culture Show before and now wish to step into a leadership position for the show. However, anyone who wants to make a contribution to Culture Show is certainly welcome to apply! Without a dedicated team working at Culture Show’s core level, the production would not be possible.

There are many positions on CORE, and each position has its own respective tasks and responsibilities. In general, everyone on CORE participates in:

Attending biweekly CORE meetings (weekly in March)

Helping fundraise and publicize for Culture Show

Having and promoting a positive and exciting experience



Hold acting practices to guide and mentor actors/actresses to successfully portray the characters as envisioned, assist with mic-blocking and onstage-positioning

Culture Show 40 Directors

Nhu Nguyen

Sophia Quach



Set Designer

Create a blueprint for the backdrop, lead other CORE and cast members in the backdrop construction

Culture Show 40 Set Designers

Gabby Nguyen

Darian Ta

Prop Master
Costume Designer
Hair & Makeup Artist


Stage Manager

Call cues for performers at rehearsals and on show day, confirm performers are positioned to enter and exit the correct side of the stage

Culture Show 40 Stage Managers

Angelica Nguyen

Kiana Tran

Sound Technician
Light Technician

Public Relations

Finance Manager

Work on budget and reimbursements, apply for funds and grants, organize fundraisers and soliciting sponsorships

Culture Show 40 Finance Manager

Kathy Hoang

Marketing Manager
Publication Manager
Web Administrator


Dance Coordinators

Hold practice sessions, find music for performance piece, choreograph / find someone to choreograph performance piece, communicate Culture Show CORE updates to performers, and coordinate matching attire among dancers.

  • Types (including, but not limited to): Co-Ed Dance, Colorguard, Jazz Lyrical, Lion Dance, Traditional Dances (fan and hat), Sriracha (our very own Hip-Hop dance team!), etc.
  • If you have any dance ideas that are not listed above and you would like to contribute, feel free to share on your application (under “other”)
  • There is one Performance Coordinator per performance type

Culture Show 40 Color-guard Coordinators

Alvin Nguyen

Andre Phan

Culture Show 40 Ribbon Coordinators

Darian Ta

Chau Van

Culture Show 40 Fan Veil Coordinators

Austin Le

Kathy Hoang

Culture Show 40 Music Coordinator

(Not Pictured, Steven Ha)

Culture Show 40 Sriracha Coordinators

Simon Zhen

Christine Nguyen


Culture Show 40 Lion Dance Coordinator

(Not Pictured, Samir Alam)

Vocals Coordinator


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