Past Performances

Our Life After | Sóng Gió Cuộc Đời

2010 | Our Life After: Sóng Gió Cuộc Đời Our Life After pays tribute to the Vietnamese refugees of the past 35 years. Given that 2010 marks the 35th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon, Cal VSA wanted to take this year’s show to honor the spirit, perseverance, and hope of this Vietnamese diaspora. Culture…

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Monsoon | Gió Mùa

2009 | Monsoon: Gió Mùa Monsoon is a modern allegorical folktale, produced by the Vietnamese Student Association for Culture Show’s 30th Anniversary. Infused with both traditional and modern performances, such as lantern dancing and hip-hop, this original production combines the heritage, procession, and perseverance of Vietnamese culture.

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Petals in the Wind | Cánh Hồng Trong Gió

2008 | Petals in the Wind: Cánh Hồng Trong Gió Petals in the Wind explores the story of four Vietnamese women during the period of the Vietnam War. Through elaborate set design, costume and dance, the audience will be transported back to the 1970s and experience the interweaving of these four women’s lives during this…

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